Brusdar graterol red sox

Brusdar graterol red sox

The Bruins defeated the Canucks on Tuesday night, But without question, the dominant story of the night was the momentous decision made by the Red Sox to trade superstar outfielder Mookie Betts to the Dodgers in a three-team deal. Boston sent the year-old Betts and year-0ld starting pitcher David Price to the Dodgers as well as cash.

Minnesota, in turn, sent year-old right-hander pitching prospect Brusdar Graterol to the Red Sox. The Dodgers also reportedly traded outfielder Joc Pederson to the Angels in a separate deal.

What to know about Brusdar Graterol : The decision to trade Betts will rightfully come under enormous scrutiny, but Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom managed to acquire an interesting pitching prospect in the deal. He ranked 53rd on MLB. His fastball touches triple digits and will often sit in the mph range, with an ability to maintain velocity deep into starts.

Throwing with plenty of sink, Graterol misses bats and gets a ton of ground-ball outs off of his fastball. When he committed to throw the harder version of his slider, in the mph range, it trended toward plus, but he would back off of it at times. Continued separation between that and his slower curve will help, as will further refinement of his changeup. According to Boston Globe Red Sox reporter Alex Speier, Graterol projects as a potential front-of-the-rotation starter, or valuable specialist:.

brusdar graterol red sox

Graterol has huge velo, so an obvious chance at plus or plus-plus fastball, a chance for a plus slider, and a functional changeup. One evaluator sees him as having the ceiling of a starter who could be a No.

He made his Major League debut inpitching 9. In total, he compiled a 4. He has elite velocity : The most notable thing about Graterol as a pitcher is his velocity.

brusdar graterol red sox

In one moment during his time in the minor leagues, Graterol hit In this regard, the Red Sox have reason to be optimistic. That's Anna in the Wahoos hat. It was her job to escort Brusdar Graterol back to the clubhouse after our team autograph session.

He refused to leave until he signed for every fan waiting. He comes with a history of injuries : Potentially the largest concern regarding Graterol going forward will be durability. One additional note: Boston will have its newest pitcher on a lower salary for several years.Passan noted the Red Sox are "spooked" by Graterol's medical review. The pitcher was sidelined for some time in with a shoulder injury and has undergone Tommy John surgery.

Rosenthal later reported that outfielder Joc Pederson's arbitration hearing is another factor in the delay of an official announcement:. Pederson is part of separate deal from Dodgers to Angels. One possibility: Angels want to know his salary before finalizing terms with Dodgers, with adjustment possible.

Lots of moving parts. He also reported the likelihood of Betts not ending up in a Dodgers uniform because of the medical concerns surrounding Graterol remains "slim. One source involved in the deal said it "is a problem but one we can figure out.

Passan suggested there are "alternative options" to complete both trades that include potentially making it a two-team swap or finding a new third team. Graterol, 21, made 10 appearances last season for Minnesota and finished with a 4. White Sox announce team has agreed to part ways with Rick Renteria after their first playoff appearance sinceGet all the sports news you need, direct to your inbox.

By subscribing, you are agreeing to Yahoo's Terms and Privacy Policy. As if Red Sox fans needed more reasons to bemoan Brusdar Graterol 's success in Los Angeles, here's another: he apparently hates Manny Machado as much as they do. The demonstrative fireballer played a featured role in the highlight of the postseason on Wednesday night, celebrating Cody Bellinger 's home run robbery in center by flinging his equipment around the field before waving goodbye to Machado when the Padres third baseman objected.

It was just the latest display of emotion from the husky year-old setup man, who has rapidly become a fan favorite in L. He's pretty much everything you could ask for. He's a great teammate, great competitor, and great person.

This is relevant to the Red Sox, of course, because they reworked the February mega-deal that sent Betts to Los Angeles once they got a look at Graterol's medicals.

Instead of taking him from the Twins, they asked for a different prospect, which ended up being infielder Jeter Downs, and the Dodgers kept Graterol. He entered in the top of the seventh to protect a lead with two outs and the go-ahead run at the plate in the form of MVP candidate Fernando Tatis Jr.

Graterol left a mph fastball belt high and Tatis did not miss, driving it to deep center where Bellinger, the defending NL MVP, scaled the fence to rob him of the two-run homer. Graterol's reaction was priceless. First he hurled his glove towards the dugout. Then he thrust both arms over his head and pointed at the heavens before pounding his chest and flinging his cap.

Machado took exception to the display with expletives from the third-base line. Graterol yelled back and then gave him a dismissive wave goodbye as players poured out of both dugouts. The Dodgers shouted vociferously at Machado, who had flipped his bat after homering earlier in the game. The normally low-key Betts was particularly hot. Graterol's work wasn't done.

Machado led off eighth with a sharp groundout as part of a frame before closer Kenley Jansen and former Red Sox right-hander Joe Kelly made things interesting in the ninth.

With Jansen struggling this postseason and Kelly all over the place, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has suggested he's willing to give someone else a try in the ninth.

Perhaps Graterol's leverage is about to increase. If that's the case, maybe it's for the best that the Red Sox decided they didn't want him. He clearly belongs on the big stage, and he doesn't care whom he offends once he gets there. Sports Home. Breaking News. Hall of Famer Joe Morgan dies at John Tomase.

Email Address. Sign Up.Remember Brusdar Graterol, the Twins prospect whose disputed medicals nearly blew up the Mookie Betts trade? The year-old right-hander made his league-leading third appearance in a perfect fifth inning, striking out two and earning the win. He topped mph with six pitches per Baseball Savantdidn't throw any of his 13 fastballs below 98 mph, and when he needed to offer a change of pace, deployed five mph sliders, all strikes.

Making Graterol's stuff even more impressive is the movement. His mph fastball is technically classified as a sinker, with considerable arm-side run. Guys like Kelly and Nathan Eovaldi throw mph that's pretty straight. Graterol's looks like it's controlled by a joystick. So why isn't he in pitching-starved Boston? The Red Sox didn't like his medicals. Graterol underwent Tommy John surgery on his right elbow in and sat out the next 15 months.

Report: Brusdar Graterol's Health 'Spooked' Red Sox, Holds Up Mookie Betts Trade

A shoulder impingement sidelined him for two months last year, and when the Red Sox got a look at his imaging, they decided he'd be physically limited to a relief role, decreasing the value of the prospective starter they thought they were acquiring. They ended up reworking the deal with the Dodgers, who took Graterol from Minnesota and instead sent infielder Jeter Downs and catcher Connor Wong to Boston.

Now the Red Sox are desperate for arms, let alone ones as dynamic as Graterol. They fell to after allowing at least seven runs for the fourth straight game in Tuesday's loss to the Mets. They're using two openers, as well as two mediocre starters in Martin Perez and Ryan Weber.

Beyond Eovaldi, the entire starting staff lacks high-end stuff. Graterol might've changed that, but the Red Sox believed he was at high risk of suffering a significant arm injury.

They may be right, but for now they can only wonder if they should've just stuck to their original deal.

brusdar graterol red sox

If you can bear to watch, here are Graterol's highlights. Red Sox. The Red Sox might want a do-over. Get the latest news and analysis on all of your teams from NBC Sports Boston by downloading the My Teams App The year-old right-hander made his league-leading third appearance in a perfect fifth inning, striking out two and earning the win.

Tomase: Workman should start if he can't be a closer So why isn't he in pitching-starved Boston?So let's get this straight: the pound reliever who has already undergone Tommy John surgery and missed two months last year with a bad shoulder is damaged goods? The Red Sox are reportedly holding up the three-team mega-trade with the Dodgers because of concerns over Twins right-hander Brusdar Graterol. The Red Sox acquired the flame-throwing fire hydrant with the expectation that he would compete for a spot in their starting rotation, at least until they got a look at his medicals.

Now they consider him more likely a reliever, and thus hope to amend the trade to include either another player or more money, per Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

Brusdar Graterol mocks Manny Machado in a reminder of what Red Sox are missing

Unlike a prior case of the team receiving diminished returns in the form of left-hander Drew Pomeranz, this one feels entirely avoidable. When the Padres sent Pomeranz to Boston at the trade deadline, after all, they willfully withheld information related to a sore elbow.

Preller as a result. This time around, Graterol's issues were clear to anyone with an internet connection. He underwent Tommy John surgery in and didn't pitch again for 15 months. He dominated in nine starts at Double A last year1. When the Twins summoned him to the big leagues in September, they shifted him to the bullpen. He made 10 appearances and did not pitch on back-to-back days.

In his second appearance, incidentally, he threw a scoreless inning against the Red Sox, retiring Betts to end the frame. As recently as two weeks ago, the Twins made no secret of their plan to pitch Graterol in relief to protect his arm.

The Twins are leery of putting too much stress on that elbow, particularly because Graterol uses an unusual whipping motion to produce his amazing velocity. Right now, I don't think it would be fair to throw him out there for extended innings.

Brusdar Graterol Dodgers Debut

If the Twins thought the explosive Graterol could start, they would've kept him. They certainly wouldn't have traded him for a slightly above average starter. It appears the Red Sox had hoped for an outcome the available information deemed unrealistic, and now they want to be compensated for their lack of foresight. Red Sox. Who could've seen this coming?Eduardo Rodriguez agrees with Dodgers reliever Brusdar Graterol.

Graterol threw his glove to celebrate the final out of the seventh inning after center fielder Cody Bellinger robbed Fernando Tatis Jr. The Dodgers maintained their lead.

Brusdar Graterol shouldn’t have even been a Dodger

But Machado had one of the biggest bat flips of the season after homering in the the sixth inning. He threw his bat to the dugout after homering against Clayton Kershaw. As Rodriguez pointed out on Twitter, why is it OK dance at the plate after homers but not OK for the pitcher to do whatever he wants when he records a big out? Joe Kelly records save barely. Kelly walked Tatis and Machado to load the bases.

But he retired Eric Hosmer on a ground ball to second base for the final out. Moreland hits two-run double. Related Content. Which former Boston Red Sox players are in the postseason? Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local.

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Facebook Share. Twitter Share. By Christopher Smith csmith masslive.The Dodgers decided to make a separate trade directly with the Twins and got Graterol in exchange for Kenta Maeda. The Red Sox struggled all season and could have used a dominant arm in the bullpen.

The pitching staff allowed runs this season en route to a last-place finish in the American League East. The Dodgers, meanwhile, had the best record in baseball and Graterol emerged as a legitimate late-inning option. He appeared in 23 games and posted a 3. Now there is talk of him taking over the closer role after he got the save in a series-clinching Game 2 over the Milwaukee Brewers last week.

Boston made a new deal with the Dodgers to get more talent in the lineup. Downs is the top prospect in the Red Sox system and the team also added catcher Connor Wong, in addition to already landing Verdugo. Thus the team added three potential starters in exchange for Betts. The direct comparison is between Downs and Graterol. If the former is a bust and Graterol develops into a dominant reliever, Red Sox fans will be left wondering if the front office made a huge mistake.

It is still far too early to determine the success of the multiple deals surrounding Betts. The Red Sox could have used someone like Graterol to win now, but the deal was about acquiring talent for the future.

This all serves as a huge win for the Dodgers. The team can afford to trade top prospects as they have the cash to sign the best players in baseball. Players who may have been blocked in the minors can go elsewhere in exchange for landing someone proven like Betts.

The Dodgers getting Graterol is just another example of why the team has had sustained success. But even if he is a star, the Red Sox may make out just fine from the deal. The biggest loss was Betts, and his absence will be bigger than anything one reliever could have solved.

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